Our Practice at ColumbiaDoctors

ColumbiaDoctors’ behavioral health experts have been providing services for over thirty years to the LGBTQ community, guiding patients through their different challenges and turning points.  Our experts are nationally and internationally known for competent and sensitive counseling geared to the special needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth and adults, at every stage of life. 

ColumbiaDoctors psychologists and support staff work together providing a range of services tailored to each patient’s needs, including

•   Evaluation and consultation

•   Transgender and genderqueer/nonbinary-specific services

•   Individual psychotherapy

•   Family and couples therapy

•   Medication management

•   Referral and coordination with other specialty services

 Walter Bockting, PhD  Co-Director Program for the Study of LGBT Health

Walter Bockting, PhD

Co-Director Program for the Study of LGBT Health


LGBT Youth and Their Families

LGBT youth are now coming out at an early age and often need counseling and emotional support. While many parents offer unconditional acceptance, others may react with confusion or have questions. We are here to help. Our psychologists have many years of experience facilitating these conversations and opening new lines of communication between generations. We work closely with families to support a positive environment in which young people can continue to grow and develop.

Transgender Health

Walter Bockting, PhD, is an internationally known expert in transgender health who works with transgender and gender non-conforming patients from childhood to adulthood.  His goal is to help children and their families adjust and reach their full potential. Our dedicated team takes a holistic view of transgender care, considering psychological, social, and medical aspects of affirming gender identity and expression. Because we are affiliated with a major medical institution, we can coordinate all aspects of care and provide a collaborative, interdisciplinary team-based approach.

Addressing LGBT Aging

Aging is of particular concern for the first generation of openly-identifying LGBT older adults.  Many older individuals do not access available services for fear of being harassed or treated with hostility. We offer individual, couple, family, and group therapy in a safe environment to meet the unique needs of our elders.